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2005-02-10 15:01 (link)
the girl who created it has IMed me a few times. shes very.....very....annoying.




i imed cohe223 and kvschwartz a few days ago. ONCE each! never anyone else so if someone ims you and says they're me then they're impersonating me! jessica sugarxo is my sn and i didnt im you (hintofseduction), sorry. but stop lying about me. and if someone impersonated me then i'm sorry and it wasnt me.
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hmm i need an icon. i would like to make one dedicated to jason. i don't think i can use his icon with like a heart around it cuz that is stealing his icon. so i dunno i'll have to come up with somethin!

any ideas??
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You know what you can do, play along with your stalker, make her actually fall in love with you, date, get married, have children, grow to ripe old age together, sit beside her and hold her hand as she's about to expire, then BAM!!! "I never loved you, bitch! You so fell for my trap!" as rise from your wheelchair chanting "PS RULES!!! PS RULES!!!" then die. Man that'd be so sweet ass.

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hahahahaha! i know this is my journal devoted to mr_quackenbush but MAN that was great! hahahahahahaha
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ok i'm back. and i found out jason wrote an entry mentioning me.

evidently, either someone thinks i'm hilarious, or that i'm not funny at all. in anycase, it's really the most goddamn bizarre thing that's happened to me in at least a month.

i hope they can keep up the hilarity and they don't lose interest in mocking me. the whole thing is pretty damn funny if you ask me.

i seriously am NOT mocking u jason! i really do think ur funny and have interesting comments. and ur poetry is gr8. why on earth would i want to mock u? please don't think i am! i guess i'm coming on a bit strong i'm sorry. but i'm not mocking u.

also a moderator from poetryslamming made a comment 2 entries down. i am not doing anything 2 do with poetryslamming, i know ur concerned but i only put poetryslamming on my friends list i did not request to join, it says ur allowed to watch the community. i didnt make any comments in anyone's journal ANYWHERE or make posts in any community. the only place on lj i've been posting is this journal and an entry in the fan community i made for jason! im sorry that i imed 2 people about him but they actually seemed fine with it themselves so i dont get why everyone's upset. but i wont im any more ppl. also i still dont get the thing with the email. plz tell me what's going on with that, i did NOT email a single person. i don't get it.

anyway that was just a clear up post, be back soon

luv jessica